Global Innovation Effort with Regional Adaptation

Our food and beverage client wanted to undertake a parallel path process to develop a portfolio of healthier foods and drinks to meet the needs of five different countries. As a result of our efforts, the clients were able to create and validate a portfolio of new products that had global appeal, with appropriate optimization by region.

Stimulating creativity
We led off with SpencerHall's Flashpoint innovation session that brought together a global team for a dynamic two day session that focused on identifying commonalities in consumer needs/motivators to create a range of products with true global appeal. We included mixologists and culinary artists to provoke new ideas around flavor combinations and product aesthetics, and help overcome the inherent dichotomy between taste and health.

Crafting concepts across the globe
Coming out of the innovation session, SpencerHall developed complete consumer-ready concepts including packaging and branding. These were translated into appropriate languages, and using SpencerHall's collaborative concept optimization research, respondents in the five target countries evaluated the ideas, and we were able to tailor the concepts to address regional consumer preferences and regulatory guidelines.