When your brand needs a step change in innovative thinking to create new products or services, sharpen your positioning strategy, or uncover fresh consumer insight, SpencerHall can help you springboard beyond conventional wisdom.

The SpencerHall team has helped create a range of breakthrough new products, including Olay Daily Facials, Glade Scented Oils, Nexxus Dualiste, and Hanes Tees with the Lay Flat Collar. We’ve also helped companies such as McDonalds, Luxottica, Procter & Gamble, Fidelity and Hershey uncover fresh consumer insight and sharpen their business strategies.

Our Disciplined Creativity® process uncovers unarticulated needs and insights and then capitalizes on that knowledge to generate true breakthroughs. Research and data can only take you so far - insight, judgment and experience are essential ingredients in deciphering the consumer opportunity. SpencerHall delivers that expertise.

Our abilities are augmented by powerful, proprietary tools such as Sounding Boards that create thinking partnerships with consumers, and Transforum, a dynamic innovation forum that enables your team to collaborate with a Brain Trust of iconoclastic thinkers.